#GeoTV #Blog: Sue Muntaha Who Chale Nabi (SAWW)!

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Shab e Mairaj also known as the night of ascension is marked as one of the most sacred events in the history of Islam. It is the holy night when Mohammed (SAWW) ascended towards a special journey beyond seven skies in order to meet Allah Almighty. He also explored the levels of heaven and hell. After attaining the divine knowledge He came back to the world with a gift of five prayers that were made mandatory by Allah on this holy night.
Every year Shab e Mairaj is celebrated on 27th Rajab with religious fervor and enthusiasm. Geo tends to take part in this holy occasion by airing a special late night transmission on 6 June, ‘Sue Muntaha Who Chale Nabi (SAWW!’ that will be hosted by the famous anchor Junaid Iqbal. The special transmission will be embellished with different programs that will ultimately through light over the golden aspects of the holy night.
The transmission will be commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran. The glorious verses that are referring to the great event of Mairaj will be recited by Qari Ibrahim Kasi and to pay homage to the merciful messenger, Mohammed (SAWW), naats will be recited by famous Sana Khuwans Ahmad Raza Qadri, Imran Sheikh Attari, Rehan Qadri and Moin Aalam.
At this occasion, special speech will be delivered by the charismatic Islamic Scholar Dr Amir Liaquat Husssain in which he will describe and highlight the various stages of this divine journey with an aim to boost your religious knowledge and spirit. The whole event of Mairaj is beautifully visualized in a documentary Marahil-e-Mairaj and a special naat video is also made based on the journey of Mairaj.
In the last segment of transmission, Molana Bashir Farooq will head a special Dua in which he will seek forgiveness from Allah and ask his mercy over current condition of Pakistan and Muslims around the world.
Shab-e-Mairaj is a holy night when Allah listen and answer prayers so spend the virtuous night while praying and seeking repentance of sins along with Dr Amir LIaquat Hussain only on Geo.

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