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Thread: Live With Talat - 29th April 2010

  1. Live With Talat - 29th April 2010


    Justice (R) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, Sardar Muhammad Lateef Khan Khosa, Senator Zafar Ali Shah and in fresh episode of Live with Talat in AAJ Tv and discusses currant issue with Talat Hussain.


  2. Re: Live With Talat - 29th April 2010

    Talat Sahib!
    I must have to give my burning coments for stupid khosa that he is really son of dirty bitch same as there dirty zerdari mafia leader zerdari.
    khosa son of bitch give direct threat to supreme court and nation too that if supreme court will take acton against this zerdari mafia corruption so there will be crises on the nation same as sugar crises. Infact our all polititions are corrupt and they want to take under control judiciary same as before this hypoctare government tried to under control isi but nation is senseble now because of informatic media and supreme court also.
    I'm agree 100% that supreme court must has to take action against all corruption plans of this hypocrate government and it's regime also.
    Long Live Great Pakistan.


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