The government on Friday increased oil prices from three to seven percent.
According to notification issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the price of
petrol has been increased by Rs 1.94 per litre,
HOBC by Rs 1.63 per litre,
kerosene oil by Rs 4.08 per litre,
LDO by Rs 3.56 per litre,
HSD by Rs 3.41 per litre,
JP-1 (local) by Rs 3.92 per litre,
JP-4 by Rs 2.44 per litre and
JP-8 by Rs 3.93 per litre.

The new price of
petrol is Rs 75.08 per litre,
HOBC Rs 89.19 per litre,
kerosene Rs 68.89 per litre,
LDO Rs 65.76 per litre,
HSD Rs 76.80 per litre,
JP-1 (local) at Rs 58.46 per litre,
JP-4 at Rs 55.54 per litre and
JP-8’s price stands at Rs 58.19 per litre.

The government will continue to charge Rs 10 per litre petroleum levy (PL) on petrol, Rs 8 per litre on HSD, Rs 14 per litre on HOBC, Rs 3 per litre on LDO and Rs 6 per litre on kerosene