Sargodha: 26 years old Ayesha Farooq is now ready for war against enemies of Pakistan. She is the only War ready Female fighter in Pakistan, Media reports said. She is one of 19 female who achieved pilot post from Pakistan Air Force in last decade. Though there are 5 other female fighter pilots, they need to pass final test. The women numbers are growing in Armed forces during last few years.
Ayesha Farooq belongs from Punjabís historic City Bahawalpur.*
Ayesha Farooq accepted that most girls in our society donít think to join this field. In our Male dominating society, itís very difficult for women to take part in this.
Ayesha said she doesnít feel any difference. We do the same activities and give equal performance; Ayesha said this at Mushaf base in Sargodha. Refereeing towards unrest situation in country, she said itís very necessary for us to stand bravely. Due to our geographical location and terrorism, we should remain aware, she added. Ayesha has soft and polite speaking style but she is loyal in her profession.
Statistics says that approximately 4000 women are serving in armed forces. Most of them are assigned for Desk and Medical related work.