ISLAMABAD: Estranged Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Fauzia Kasuri has agreed to rejoin the party without setting any conditions or demands, The Express Investigation Cell has learnt.

Kasuri, who is currently on a two-week personal visit to Dubai, has decided to resume her association with the party following a meeting with PTI chief Imran Khan in Lahore last week. Party sources say that she will formally take up the office of organising the overseas PTI wing when she returns.
“Imran Khan had personally contacted Ms Kasuri by telephone and this was followed by a meeting between the two in Lahore following which she decided to rejoin PTI”, a senior party leader said.
No conditions or demands were set by Kasuri, sources said. Neither did she ask to be a party candidate for the NA-48 by-elections in Islamabad. However, the party will ‘look into’ the issue which caused her to quit PTI temporarily.

As the PTI Women Wing chief, Kasuri had announced the parting of ways at a news conference on June 5. She had alleged that party operations were marred by nepotism and discrimination.
Following her announcement, the party had issued a detailed news statement debunking Kasuri’s statements.
But another PTI source said that her final word regarding rejoining the party will come after the Dubai visit. She had, however, briefed the women leaders in Islamabad about her reconciliatory meeting with Imran Khan.
Kasuri’s departure from PTI was widely lamented within and outside the party. She remained the face of the party, defending PTI’s stance on several TV shows, but developed differences with the party leadership on nomination of women for reserved seats in the National Assembly.