The cases of the last two Bhuttos have similarities in their return to the country to their murder and probe.

Former prime minister Z.A. Bhutto was executed in the 1970s; his son Shahnawaz Bhutto was killed in his apartment in Paris under mysterious circumstances in the early 1980s; his elder son Murtaza Bhutto was allegedly killed by the police near his 70 Clifton residence about the mid-1990s, and his daughter Benazir Bhutto was killed in a suicide blast in December 2007.

“Not another Bhutto,” Fatima wrote in her book, ‘Songs of Blood and Sword,’ as soon as she heard about the news of Benazir on the fatal day.

As a journalist I have covered the murders of Benazir and her brother Murtaza and have found similarities in both cases.

Both remained in exile, both were disliked by the establishment as was their father; both were considered ‘security risk’ by intelligence agencies; both were warned of security risk before returning to Pakistan; the police role in both the cases was highly questionable; both were not taken to hospital on time after they got injured; the murder scene in both the cases was washed out soon after the attack; the chests of the two slain leaders were opened for massage in a last bid to save their lives; in both the cases the police officers concerned were never removed from their services but got promoted in due course; probe reports in both the cases raised questions on the role of the police; and the killers in both cases remain untraceable to this day.

The only difference in the two cases was the post-mortem. While doctors conducted the post-mortem of Murtaza, the same was not done in the case of Benazir.

The question which remains to be answered is about the killers/conspirators/abettors. Are they all the same?

But please no more Bhutto in another decade. I can still recall Benazir Bhutto’s comment on the death of Murtaza. “No male member is left now to mourn the death of Bhuttos in the family.”