Nine foreign tourists and one Pakistani guide have been shot dead
By Talban Pakistan
This is very sad news in which how much we can condemn regarding the killing of 9 foreigners and 1 Pakistani guide by Talban in which Ehsanullah Ehsan, the spokesperson for the banned terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the attack.

We will continue to target the foreigners until the drone strikes stopping revenge of USA drone attacks. Which means Talban only have power to exercise their power with the innocent and weak people why not take action directly from United States and force to stop drone attacks?

Those foreigners who were killed belong from China, Russia, and Ukraine. Around fifteen to twenty thousand tourists including mountaineers came to Pakistan each year during the summer season. Each one of them spends over five to six thousand dollars. The loss to Pakistan because of this attack will be in billions of rupees, says Ghulam Nabi, a representative of Pakistan Tour Operators Association. And its not just tourists that run away then, it also affects the foreign investor confidence."

The restoration of confidence to re-building is not a easy task unless the real curpliest punished and make sure such incidents do not repeat, plus give protection and security to all foreigners than perhaps we can maintain our image in the International community.

This act by Talban is totally in-human and cruel act which is condemn all life of people not from Pakistan but world over, which religion TALBAN people follows, perhaps those who follow or adopt terrorism have no religion but Islam is a religion of peace and give clear message that killing of innocent people in the name of revenge is totally ill-legal and does not support suicide die which is totally haram ( ill-legal death). I must say Talban have no faith and believe in Islam but animal in human faces.
Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )