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Thread: How to Shrink a Long Article in MS Word 2013?

  1. How to Shrink a Long Article in MS Word 2013?

    Today we are going to discuss a very useful tip to shrink a long article just too good fit on a page.

    If your page content is just more than one page, simply use the shrink to fit option.
    You can show the shrink to fit option by customize the ribbon. Follow the given steps to perform this task step by step:
    First of all, click on file tab, now click on Options then click on Customize Ribbon.
    Here select All Commands under the choose command option.

    Browse the long list until you reach shrink to fit option, and click it.
    Under Customize the Ribbon, click the custom group you want to add the command. In my case, Iíll click on the plus sign next to my writing custom tab and then Iíll click my custom printing group.

    Click Add, and then click OK.
    Now the Shrink One Page command is on the tape.


  2. informative post

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