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Thread: Again Hazara community attacked by Yazedi followers

  1. Again Hazara community attacked by Yazedi followers

    Again Hazara community attacked by Yazedi followers
    I am very much regret and dis-appoint plus condemn the again attack of Hazara Shia Town by true Yazedi followers in the face of banned LASHKAR-E-JHANGVI in which 28 innocent Shaheed and many people injured.

    This is totally inhuman act and those who attack Hazara community proof first they are mad, have no brain to use, in human activities and totally obeying foreign BIG BOSS order in order to make killing of Shia via suicide, target killing and bomb blast. But what Govt of Pakistan is doing in this regarding.

    Still failed to arrest the real culprits and master mind, plus destroy the entire net work but nothing such happed by look Govt of Pakistan first not interested to crush these terrorists group otherwise than can be finish less than 2 weeks times but instead of arrest the real curplust in which solid evidence available and still not interest to hang these banned group terrorist, showing totally mercy or expecting reward from BIG Boss.

    In the light of Prophet Mohd PUBH quotes, ďFrom one Muslim hand and tongue other is savedĒ

    I request to all people of Pakistan kindly check where is the LEJ stand in the light of this famous quotes, which religion LEJ people follow and who is their ideal Sahab in which they learned for killing innocents People, In Islam no one have right to killing even non-believers if he is not accepting Islam than who give permission or license to LEJ for killing innocents.

    Why they always eager to killing innocent Shia and other human beings which means in Pakistani blood is lesser value than water, how many Shia-e-Ali being killed by plan terrorists programmed such level animals like DOG or cats not being even killed in entire WEST.

    Why UNO, EU and Arab States still silence in this issue and do not raise question and those who are being killed from Hazara community are being part of Pakistan they are not belong from Israel.

    When our LEA awake first, feel responsibility how to crush dirty eggs belonging to LEJ and make successful attempt to destroy their entire network, one who died is suicide attack is not only killers besides those who finance, train, well wishers and satisfied with their evil job all are consider the killers and must deserve to place in hell, if they have sound contacts and Govt of Pakistan canít punished it means they are also exempted from God punishment before die or after death. Canít skip from God order to place in hell than have power to run away or not obeying God order.

    I must say God should destroy all combine enemies of Shia and Pakistan by nature punishment such as EARTH QUAKE which is simple and fastest and finish they less than 1 minutes and all should be buried alive so this remain example for all criminal how worst ending and GOD revenge.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. I must say the people who are doing these things are not Muslims

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    Me agree with you UnderEstimated

  4. I like this post

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