LAHORE: At least one person was killed and scores more were injured when a bomb ripped through a packed restaurant in Old Anarkali area here on Saturday night, Geo News reported.

Police say a time-device was used to detonate the bomb planted outside a restaurant in Old Anarkali's food street.

"Around 5-6 kilogramme explosive was used in the bomb hidden under the one of the dining tables at the restaurant", local police officials said.

According to sources, at least 37 injured were rushed to Mayo Hospital from the blast site.

Hospital sources say at least ten of the injured are critical.

Old Anarkali is one of the most populous as well as most frequented areas of Lahore, which is famous for its variety of eateries being the oldest food street of the city.

Rescue teams and law enforcement officials have reached the blast site.

A number of neighbouring shops and vehicles parked outside the unfortunate restaurant were also damaged in the blast.