Elite Class male’s in Karachi wearing SHORTS/TROUSERS in public places without any shy?
I am want to share that our elite class males proudly wearing shorts/trouser along t-shirts and feeling they are also feeling that no one can say we (elite class) are narrow minded and blindly flowing the west fashion, but the question is right now only males wearing shorts and trousers and when elite class female youth will copy west female wearing shorts and trousers?.

I think those who copy west as fashion are totally foolish tell me ever West people copy our tradition or Pakistani fashion or national dress ( Shalwar Kameez ) but why we so eager for copy the WEST fashion and what we want to proof by copy these ugly fashions.

If we are Muslims than do not copy WEST fashion which is my humble request for all lifes of people not only in Karachi but entire WEST Muslims as I can spread my message.

As Holy month of Ramzan is coming shortly than try to get maximum good deeds and try to wash all your sins and remember one things after the end of Ramzan do not stay on your old way of sinful living style as you consider in Ramzan you earn lot of good deeds how you can spend your good deeds by doing sinful act which is a totally shameful act if you thinking such way.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )