At least five more villages and some part of Qaraqorum Highway have gone submerged under water after appearance of Ataabad tragedy, Geo news reported. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gilani has postponed his aerial visit, due to take place today, owing to bad weather, however, the boat service has not been restored on account of aerial visits of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and Governor Salman Taseer. The water level has risen alarmingly over 337 feet, which submerged 15 kilometer long part of Qaraqorum Highway and left the major traffic suspended. Talking to Geo News, Deputy Commissioner Hunza Nagar Waqar Taj said that rescue operation has been speeded up to reopen the road and it will be opened for traffic till 3:00 pm today if no fresh land sliding occurred. He said operation is underway to remove wooden hanging bridges at four different places in Hunza Nagar to avoid damage in case of expected flooding due to water discharge from Ataabad lake.
By: Geo News