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Thread: How to Modify a PDF as a DOCX File in MS Office 2013 ?

  1. How to Modify a PDF as a DOCX File in MS Office 2013 ?

    Microsoft provides many new features in the latest version of office 2013 but one of the most welcome feature to modify in the PDF files.
    In past we had to use acrobat reader for such kind of modification. We required extra expenses to buy Adobe Acrobat X Pro. In past we had to use different OCR software to convert PDF image in text format.
    Luckily, in office 2013 we can open PDF file as a Word format for modification purpose and then save it in PDF format.
    Follow the given steps:

    1.First open the Word 2013 application now open the File menu then click on Open tab.
    2. Now browse your hard disk to open the required PDF file.
    3. Select the file then click Open.
    4. Here you can modify your PDF file according to your need.
    5. After modification go to save as documents in PDF format.

    That’s all there is to it. So what do you think of PDF editing capabilities of Word? Is this feature alone is worth the price of an upgrade from an earlier version? Did you find another tool that you like best for the job?


  2. thanks for sharing

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