A flight of PIA en-rout to Lahore from Karachi took off after six hours of delay over passengers' protest upon announcement by the airline authorities at the eleventh hour to make an unscheduled stop at Faisalabad. Three protesting passengers were offloaded. According to sources, the Lahore bound PIA flight No.306 was scheduled to depart from Karachi at 7 PM. The passengers were informed two-minutes before the departure that the plane would make a brief stop at Faisalabad airport and then complete its journey to Lahore. This enraged the passengers and the captain of the plane had to stop the plane on the runway to sort things out. A PIA spokesman said spare parts were being shifted for a grounded plane in Faisalabad and that the passengers were informed about this. "The passengers exchanged hot words in protest with the captain and tried to enter the cockpit, prompting the captain to call security," he said. More than 200 passengers including women and children had to bear the hot weather inside the plane without air-conditioning besides facing other difficulties.
By: Ary News