a Bus carrying 50 people blown up in forested area of Chhattisgarh in Dantewada district. Rebels appeared to have targeted Special Police Officers (SPOs) and the SPOs were as usual unable to do any thing about this.

This attack is not the first of its kind, people have not yet forgotten a very similar recent attack in which the maoists were able to kill more than 76 highly trained CRPF men. it seems that all the training that the indian defence instutions are providing their men is either inadequate or does not fulfill the latest standards of Anti terror training. In either case when ever investigations take place the word 'Corruption' easily surfaces on all the walls.

In sharp contrast to indians Pakistani Defence Forces were able to successfully cut the roots of the indian backed insurgency in its NWFP Province in less than three months where the terrain was fare difficult to navigate through.