Parachinar Blast killed 42 innocents & 100 injured
I want to say regarding PML – N government and PPP Government have no difference in which majority of times shia followers hits and target but shameless Government and LEA still failed to arrest the real culprits or who is responsible. Only giving statement as formalities by President and Prime Minister is common practice, did you all authority sincere to curb the terrorism from Pakistan.

I totally condemn and dis-appoint to heard news on Friday Jul 26, 2013 that 2 power full bomb blast arrange to target shia community in Parachinar, Shia are not belong from India or Israel but also a citizen of Pakistan and have right to live and follow the religion with full freedom. That reasons Pakistan is suppose the heaven for terrorist’s activities yet not a single terrorist’s or target killer yet caught and real way punished accordingly to law.

In 2 blast first blast in front of Imambargh and another in the busy bazaar road in which killing 42 innocents and 100 injured, please tell me which crime these Shia innocents are being killing by banned militant group but surprise Govt shill not interest to arrest the real culprits and bring them in the court of justice but shame to all those who knew who are terrorists activities but in spite hiding or protecting them for small reward from which source.

I must say UNO, NGO worldwide and Human right organization have shouted and raise the issue of MALAHA YOUSUF but now when terrorist’s attack the Shia community in the shape of bomb blast, suicide attack or target killing than what happen that time, why not raise voice against Govt of Pakistan, which means they are first not interest to protest and lodge complain when Shia innocent being killed.

I pray to God and request to destroy all enemies of Pakistan and shia community through earth quake and does not take less than minute to destroy the activities, leaders, well wishers and financers who consider that all attack against shia should be continue non-stop till the end of shia sect world over.

I only quote the reference of 2 past cruel rulers ( Bani Ummiah and Bani Abbas ) who killed many innocents shia-e-ali but surprise no one remember where there rulers were buried. But more painful and surprising in spite of killing shia-e-ali non-stop but how Shia sect religion spread all the part of world it is due to genuine dua of Hazrat Fatima Zehra SA with God. I must say no one yet born or succeed who will destroy the shia-e-ali

How the innocent Shia from Parachinar killed in bomb blast if your relative or well wishers die same way than what will be your re-action, you will remain silence and speechless or lodge strong protest plus condemn the in-human activities conducted.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )