DUBAI: Five expatriate Pakistanis found guilty of robbing cash from a money transfer van were each sentenced to five years in jail followed by deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court on Monday.

The Dubai court was told that the five accused stole two cars, which they used to follow the money van belonging to Al Ansari Exchange. One of the cars was used to deliberately have an “accident” with the van, and some of the convicts arrived on the scene with the other car, claiming to be police. They then forced the driver off the van and drove away with it.

The driver of the van, identified as RK, and his assistant, MF, testified in the court that the robbery took place when they were collecting money from the exchange’s branch at Jumeirah Plaza in UAE.

In a second case, the Dubai court sentenced a Pakistani expatriate for bringing into the Emirates fake Indian rupee notes. The convicted was given six months and fined Dh5,000 for bringing in 4,137 fake Indian rupee notes in denominations of 1,000 and 500.

Dubai Customs inspector Maha bint Fahd said that while on duty at Dubai Airport, a passenger with a heavy suitcase raised her suspicions. When the suitcase was inspected, she slipped her hand into its lining and found the notes. Thecriminal evidence report concluded that the notes were faked well enough for a normal person to believe they were genuine.

The UAE is a major market to foreign labor, among which Indians and Pakistanis constitute two thirds of its current population, estimated at 2.7 million.