Outlawed militant group Tehreek-i-Taleban Pakistan (TTP), aka Pakistani Taliban, has threatened to attack Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) officials, it was reported by Khaleej Times today.

There have been numerous targeted killings in Karachi recently. While some have blamed it on battle of turf for control of metropolitan Karachi, Pakistan’s financial and industrial capital, others say the killings footprints go back to northwestern region of Pakistan.
According to a message released from Taleban media centre, the TTP has threatened to target MQM leaders, offices and those associated with the party declaring them responsible for the recent upsurge in targeted killings of Pushto-speaking residents of Karachi.

This is the first time that TTP has singled out a political party and threatened it with attacks. The MQM leadership has been, for the past one year, claiming that Talebans were firmly entrenched in Karachi and were responsible for the targeted killings and other terror related activities to destabilise the country’s mega city and the commercial capital of the country.

The Sindh government was taking the threat seriously and has already increased security around mosques, imambargahs, churches and worship places of Ahmadis in the city as well as foreign missions, airport, railways and Karachi port.