[sm1:3d7eopod][/sm1:3d7eopod]UN Security Council members on Monday condemned Israel's attack on a humanitarian flotilla for the Palestinians and urged Israel to end its blockade on the Gaza Strip. In individual statements ahead of a possible official UN Security Council reaction, the 15 council members issued remarks, almost all condemning the Israeli assault in which at least nine people were killed. "It is clearer than ever that Israel's restrictions on access to Gaza must be lifted in line with Security Council Resolution 1860. The current closure is unacceptable and counterproductive," British Ambassasdor Mark Lyall Grant said ahead of the emergency session called after the deadly attack. France, Russia and China -- also veto-wielding permanent council members -- also called for the blockade to be lifted and for an independent inquiry. The United States, Israel's traditional ally which often uses its veto power to aid the Jewish state -- did not request specifically that Israel end its blockade on the Gaza Strip. But it hinted that the measure at least should be eased. US deputy permanent representative Alejandro Wolff said Washington was "deeply disturbed by recent violence and regrets tragic loss of life and injuries. We are working to ascertain the facts. "We expect a credible and transparent investigation and strongly urge the Israeli government to investigate the incident fully," Wolff said. "Direct (aid) delivery by sea is neither appropriate nor responsible under the circumstances," Wolf added noting that the "situation (was) unsustainable and is not in the interest of any of those concerned.
By: Geo News