Suspicious luggage including bulletproof jackets, helmets and weapons belonging to the US Embassy was seized by the capital Islamabad police, reported a local newspaper on Sunday.

According to the report of The Nation, officials of Islamabad police department on Saturday intercepted a suspicious vehicle Shezore at the Zero Point picket.

During the checking, it transpired that two persons namely Noushad and Lal Badshah were carrying cargo items containing M-16, 35 magazines; 9 mm, 13 magazines, several pistol pouches, compass, radio sets, maps, knives, and other army items.

The police arrested the two carriers and shifted them to Margalla Police Station for investigation. Sources close to the investigation disclosed that the local carriers were transporting these weapons to the US Embassy.

The report quoted sources as saying that the vehicle was seized in the wee hours of Saturday. During the investigation, the accused informed the police that they had nothing to do with these weapons. “The US Embassy has just hired our service to transport this luggage,” the police quoted them as having said.


It was reported that a number of officials of the US Embassy tried their level best for the release of the weapons, however, the police refused to do so.

According to the report, the accused were taking the material to one Gustovo Ritschl, who is working for the US army, however, they were not carrying any permission from officials at the US Embassy.

Police sources said they also recovered hundreds of pouches of different weapons, Body Armour, CDs, cell phones and sunglasses apart from the other items seized.

According to the report, Spokesman for the US Embassy Richard neither confirmed nor denied the incident saying he has no information about the vehicle.

The police have registered the case (Fir no 305/10) under section 13-20-65 for illegal possession of weapons.

This is the third FIR being registered against the US embassy personnel.