Israel's army announced late Monday the creation of a team of high-ranking officials charged with examining and learning from the deadly May 31 operation against a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. The team -- to be headed by a general in the reserves, Giora Eiland -- would "examine the unfolding of the operation and to draw lessons from it," an army statement said. "It must submit its conclusions between now and July 4," it added. Besides Eiland, the panel includes two other generals in the reserves, a colonel in the marine reserves and a high official in the defence ministry, it said. Israeli Special Forces stormed a flotilla of six ships carrying aid for blockaded Gaza, killing nine Turks on board one of the vessels and sparking international outrage. Israel has defended itself saying it must stop vessels from travelling to Gaza since they could be carrying weapons for Hamas, an Islamist movement committed to the destruction of Israel which controls that Palestinian territory. It also says the aid the activists wanted to deliver is not needed. Israel has resisted calls for an international enquiry, but the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced plans for an internal examination of the events and whether the blockade and its implementation were in keeping with international law. Media reports said the panel could include international figures chosen by Israel.
By: Geo News