The remarks of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan against Governor Salman Taseer on Thursday invited severe retaliation from the Punjab PPP which came hard on Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, saying the entire Elite Force in the province had been deployed for the security of the CM’s ‘girl friends.’

The PPP Punjab also used unconstitutional language against the law minister, advising the chief minister to remove Sana from his office.

Addressing a press conference, PPP Punjab Information Secretary Dr Fakhrud Din Chaudhry, who was flanked by Punjab PPP Finance Secretary Aurangzeb Burki, said the Punjab chief minister was behind the entire verbal episode against thegovernor and was using Rana Sana as his mouthpiece.


He said the PPP had tried its best to keep the coalition intact despite the fact that the CM had not given them their due share in Punjab. The party remained in the coalition to strengthen democracy but, unfortunately, the gesture was not reciprocated, he added.

He said the PPP had, time and again, warned the Punjab government to tame its members and avoid using derogatory remarks against the PPP leadership but to no avail. Issuing statements against thegovernor had become a routine for the law minister, a puppet of the Sharifs, he said, adding that the PPP had shown great tolerance but Rana Sana deserved no respect.

Dr Fakhr said it was unfortunate that the entire elite force was focusing on the security of the CM’s girl friends when the life and property of the common man was not safe.

How the law minister, who was taking pains for the security of the girl friends of his boss, could ensure the security of common citizens, he asked. Aurangzeb Burki said that Rana Sana seemed to have developed some mental defect during the last military regime and was not fit for the office he was holding. (Sourced from The News Intl)