A youth delegation to China, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, fell short of enhancing country’s reputation, thereby defaming Pakistan’s name in China, TheNation reported today.

China has conveyed its concern to Islamabad while Pakistani officials are trying to cover up the incident.

According to reliable sources quoted by the paper, the youth delegation visited China recently through Youth Exchange Programme but caused bad name to the country as some members of the delegation scuffled with each other as well as with some Chinese officials.

The Pakistani youths also pushed the Chinese officials and were disliked by Chinese officials.

According to sources, Senior Joint Secretary of Ministry of Youth Affairs assured Chinese officials of strict action against the responsible persons but after the arrival of the delegation back to Pakistan, the matter was put in abeyance for unknown reasons.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs had included youths in the said trip to China on the basis of likings and disliking while people on merit were ignored, the paper said. The list of youths included in the delegation has also been kept secret.

A spokesperson of the Ministry of Youth Affairs when contacted said that only a minor incident had occurred in China but was exaggerated, TheNation reported.