Hamesh Khan, the detained ex-president of the Bank of Punjab (BoP), and Musharraf’s main political allies face more trouble as yet another multi-billion corruption scandal involving the purchase of land for a BoP housing society in Lahore has reached the Supreme Court of Pakistan, writes Ahmad Noorani.

The Hamesh-led BoP management, in collusion with the son of an important personality in the year 2004, launched a housing society only for the employees of the BoP having the name Bankers Avenue Cooperative Housing Society (BACHS) on the Baidian Road.

The Supreme Court has taken, what is called, a Human Right notice. It is like a suo moto notice. The SC, after taking this suo moto notice, has written to the Registrar Cooperative Societies, Lahore, for conducting an immediate inquiry and the office has given a brief response so far.

This response is in fact the only pre-inquiry legal document which, as yet, contains no names. However, a subsequent report of the Registrar Cooperative Societies and the NAB will contain the names of important persons involved. No proper hearing of the case has yet begun but official correspondence between the SC and different departments is under way.

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