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Thread: Do Tok - 17th June 2010

  1. Do Tok - 17th June 2010


    Ansar Bukhari Analyst, Sardar Latif Ahmed Khosa PPP and Qazi Muhammad Anwar PSCBA in fresh episode of Do Tok in ARY News & talked with Mazhar Abbas


  2. Re: Do Tok - 17th June 2010

    Mazhar Abbas Sahib!
    What I give my comments for your todays episode because two of your guests are honorable including Ansar Abbasi and Qazi Anwar Sahib but your third stupid guest khosa is scoundrel.
    Even I don't lose my words also to say more about scoundrel khosa because I think he is enough cheep even I don't lose my words for him.
    Only I have to say that this in not democratic regime but a mafia and this mafia is zerdari mafia including bull shit rehman malik, hypocrite babar awan, scoundrel latif khosa, hypcrite faisal raza, cheep farooq naik, nonsense fouzia wahab, lose charactered salman taseer etc etc.
    This hypocrite mafia has only one mission and that is corruption and make fool the nation but till what time?
    For sure dirty declines are written in this scoundrel zerdari Mafia and it deserves it soonest. (Ameen)
    Pakistan Zinda Abad.


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