PML-Q MNA Riaz Pirzada has declared suicides as will of God and said that everybody has to die and nobody should try to interfere in God’s actions.
During debate on budget in the National Assembly, Pirzada demanded the abolishment of Islamic Ideology Council and Federal Shariah Courts. He said that it is not courts’ work to run the government and hamper its’ working.


Kashmala Tariq said that 7000 people have been committed suicides since 2008 due to abject poverty while the rulers are wasting the national wealth. Kashmala Tariq said that 20 million euros were spent on PM’s Brussels’ visit and list of delegation members should be presented in the House.
Jamshed Dasti said that Opposition Leader in the National Assembly will not present the resolution to implement the Article 6 as it is agreed that Nawaz Sharif will not take action against Musharraf. He said that ‘sasti roti’ plan was limited to two cities.