The government in the National Assembly on Saturday remained clueless on how to respond to the latest revelation of corruption in Rental Power Projects (RPPs) when PML-Q parliamentary leader Faisal Saleh Hayat put a challenge before the Gilani government of proving his claims on corruption in the RPPs.

He questioned whether Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life for their corruption, loot and plunder by the government.

Faisal went to the extent of resigning from his membership and even ready to take the retirement from the politics if he failed to prove the corruption made in the RPPs.

Interestingly, when he levelled serious charges of corruption against Water and Power Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, not a single voice from the treasury benches as well as from the members of the cabinet seated in the House raised in defence of the minister. Even Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who was present in the House during the speech of Faisal, in his brief address focused to clarify remarks about his book.

In his 90-minute budget speech, Faisal also taunted the government for declaring the previous government remains of Musharraf, but adopting all of his team members one by one.

Charging the government with corruption in Rental Power Projects, Faisal said the Asian Development Bank (ADB) report on the Rental Power Projects was a charge sheet against the government.

About the court notice sent by Raja Pervaiz Ashraf nine months ago, he said the minister had sent him a legal notice of Rs1 billion on his press conference nine months back, but so far Pervaiz did not dare to take him in the court.

“I was waiting for the last months that Pervaiz takes me to the court but it seems that he did not have courage to come into courts,” he said.

Faisal said when Rauf Klasra broke the story in The News about the purchase of a flat in London by the minister, Pervaiz termed the story malicious.

“Klasra is the same journalist, who authored the book of the prime minister so his reports are credible,” he added.

“Raja Pervaiz Ashraf claimed that he did not take any commission in his life but he was doing business of property dealer, which is based on commissions,” he remarked.

Faisal claimed that the government had paid Rs3.50 billion in advance to a Turkish company, which was installing a RPP, and in that project Raja Babar Zulqarnain, who is ‘their relative’, was also a signatory of the project.

Faisal said that at one hand the government was talking about the trial of Pervez Musharraf but on the other hand, it was adopting all of his team one by one.
“All four governors appointed by Pervez Musharraf are still at their posts,” he added.

“The prime minister in the National Assembly had declared the trial of Musharraf as ‘undoable’ but at the same he also stated for a trial of author of the NRO,” he added.

He said if the government wanted trial of Musharraf, what was the hurdle in their way.

“The government just raised the slogans of trial of Musharraf to divert the attention of people from the real issues,” he said.

“According to the international report, Pakistan stands 42nd in the list of corrupt countries and there is another report of Rs233 billion corruption in government departments,” he added.

He said the government had promised to bring new accountability law with disbanding the NAB.

“Neither the government brought new accountability law nor disbanded the NAB,” he added.

Faisal reminded that Prime Minister Gilani was in the cabinet of Muhammad Khan Junejo.

“Junejo was a weak prime minister in the presence of the 8th Amendment, but he sacked two of his ministers on the charges of the corruption. There are reports of corruption of ministers but no action against them has been taken despitethe prime minister is a strong supporter to the 18th Amendment,” he said.

Faisal advised the cabinet minister to adopt the austerity measures and avoid wearing designers’ suits.

Later, Prime Minister Gilani corrected Faisal, who had claimed that celebrated journalist Rauf Klasra authored the autobiography ofthe prime minister ‘Chah-e-Yusuf Se Sada.’

“I myself authored ‘Chah-e-Yusuf Se Sada’ when I had been in jail for five years,” he said in response to the speech of Faisal.

As Faisal finished his budget speech, the prime minister stood up to clarify Faisal’s claim. The prime minister said that Klasra writes in English language but, this book is in Urdu and “I have written it”.

(The News Intl)