SECP disposes 2290 case during 2012-13
I read in newspaper regarding SECP resolved 2290 cases during the period of 2012-13 in which received 181 share holders complain but only 138 complaints resolved and rest is under process expected to resolve during the end of year.

Being as share holder I forward my complain to SECP, KSE, Sind High Court, National Assembly regarding when ZEAL PAK CEMENT trading allowed as due to suspension many small investors are suffering and worried how to recovered their principal amount forgot the wish of profit.

Perhaps those case SECP yet not resolved might be one of the concern complaint as I forward if SECP sincere to resolve the issue than it is great achievement and doing a great job to protect the interest of SMALL INVESTORS.

Besides I have another complain when brokerage house deducting CGT Capital Gain Tax than no simple calculation is provided, make a simple procedure when a brokerage house deducting any customers CGT than provide its calculation which should be simple and do not attach the un-wanted or ir-relevant workings, required how the CGT first determine and later deducted to check by investors own self for own satisfaction.

I request to SECP Chairman AND KSE M D please dispose my 2 complains which I already forward to them via email and POST but so satisfactory replied received YET and special reason.

1. Allow Zeal Pak Cement share trading
2. CGT provide simple and understandable working

It is my observation regarding SECP and KSE both listened small investors complain and try to resolve but it is more interesting to see which authority first doing efforts and have pain to solve the small investors problems so trust and believe will be more establish for SECP and KSE.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )