* Panetta says Qaeda at its weakest since 9/11
* Says terrorist network is finding smarter ways to try to attack US
* Hopes sustained US pressure can flush out Osama from ‘very deep hiding’ in FATA
* Defends drone strikes, saying that claims they violate international law are ‘dead wrong’
* Iran could have two atom bombs ready by 2012

WASHINGTON: The US is making progress in Afghanistan but the war has been “harder and slower than anyone anticipated”, CIA chief Leon Panetta said on Sunday.

“There are some serious problems here,” Panetta told the ABC network’s “This Week” programme.

“We’re dealing with a tribal society. We’re dealing with a country that has problems with governance, problems with corruption, problems with narcotics trafficking, problems with a Taliban insurgency,” said Panetta.

“We are making progress. It’s harder, it’s slower than I think anyone anticipated,” he said.

Daily Times