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  2. New Nokia 5800 XM Update

    Nokia has already started giving yet another firmware update for Nokia 5800 xpressmusic AKA The Tube. The new version is 30.0.011, and is available for certain product codes though OTA (Over The Air). But I guess it will also be available for other product codes and through NSU (Nokia Software Update) and Ovi Suite also.

    I had updated my phone last night. Even though there is an unofficial change log available in almost all the related sites, I personally felt some improvement in the overall performance. The phone is more responsive than ever. Even though there are still no home screen widgets and kinetic scrolling, the phone has some remarkable improvements in the browser, camrea and music player functions.

    The music player is more responsive now with almost no hick-ups. Now there is no need to press the side volume button to change the volume. The function has been added in the touchscreen itself. The equalizer has been improved. Its now much more pleasant to listen to the songs and even the smallest channel is clearly audible.

    Another major improvement is in the camera function. The volume buttons can now be used for zooming, both in still and motion photography mode, and also in the gallery mode. The browser rendering is also improved and the browser is faster than ever.

    An additional function to send SMS when on a call has also been added in the call menu. But I still miss some function in the phone. For instance, when the music player is running on minimized mode, there is no option to change the track. This function can atleast be added in the home screen or be made possible by the long press of the volums + and - buttons as in standard SE models. The camera night mode has to be improved a lot. The camera is almost useless at low light areas. I believe that Nokia comes up with a fix for this issues in the later updates. But I am also afraid because Nokia has a bad reputation of just forgetting its old customers when is come out with another new model, in this case the N97.

    I hope that Nokia doesn't leave the early adapters of the first ever Symbian 60 V5 phones.

  3. Re: Nokia 5800 XM

    now the new firmware is
    minor changes probably touch screen performance is slightly better than previous firmware but still far below than IPHONE still no kinetic scrolling and multi touch

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