Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani held the judiciary responsible that made it possible for fake degree holders to reach into the National Assembly as it could not solve the pending cases in the due time. He said that cases of fake degrees have been pending since 2002, if the judiciary had solved these cases, the fake degree holders would not have reached in the Assembly.
Talking to journalists in Islamabad, the PM said that for long period fake degree cases remained pending, now suddenly in 2010 decisions are being made on such cases. Answering a query, Gilani said that the people are intelligent; they must decide themselves over the political statements made by the CJ LHC Khawaja Sharif. He said that PPP government faced challenges from the start, and mid-term election is not the solution of the challenges.


The PM said that the parties which didn’t take part in the elections are asking for mid-term elections, if their wishes are fulfilled the country will go backward many years. He said that if PPP completes its five year tenure, a number of problems will be solved. He said that the country needs political stability.
He said that Nawaz Sharif is playing his key role and the government tries to implement his positive proposals. He said that main reasons of terrorism are poverty, unemployment and lack of facilities. He said that comprehensive lawmaking has to be made that terrorists cant get any relief from the courts. He said that there are a number of benefits as well as limits of reconciliation policy. He said that no party can make solo-flight.