Spokesman of Pakistan Army has denied the presence of Taliban Shura in Quetta, saying that the US officials were making such claims just to cover their failures in Afghanistan, ARY NEWS reported.

“After getting all kinds of intelligence reports on the subject we’ve informed the US that the Taliban and al Qaeda leadership do not exist in Quetta,” Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said in an interview with Asma Shirazi in ARY NEWS’ show ‘Late Edition’ telecasted on Tuesday.

On a query regarding the presence of al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan’s tribal belt, the army spokesman said that the possibility of Laden’s presence in Afghanistan is much bigger than of Pakistan as near 70 percent area of the former is not in the control of Allied forces, as per their own admittance.

Abbas said that all the in- and out-going ways of South Waziristan agency were closed since last one-and-half month in preparation of a military operation to be launched against the militants present in the tribal area. “Aerial offensive is continued on militants’ hideouts in the agency,” he added.

To a query he said that Pakistan has conveyed its concerns to US and Afghanistan on India’s activities in the latter which according to him “are much more than needed”.