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Thread: Kia Quaid e Azam Grudation Pass Nahi Thay ???????

  1. Kia Quaid e Azam Grudation Pass Nahi Thay ???????

    in one of his speech president Asif Ali Zardari try to compare his Genius Parliamentarian Jamshed Dasti with Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

    while trying to justify his Jali Degree Parliamentarian he said that Jinnah also did not have the Graduation degree.

    but some body should tell him that he was a barrister and his degree is equal to post graduate. president should be very careful about his statements. after all he is the representative of pakistan.



  2. Re: Kia Quaid e Azam Grudation Pass Nahi Thay ???????

    stupid govt with stupid thoughts.

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