The Punjab Government has added eight new changes to the Nikkah Nama. The new amendments make it necessary for both the bride and bridegroom to undergo a blood test, which is made compulsory to prevent disabled and handicapped births.
Most of the parliamentarians, ministers and oppositions leaders were unaware of the changes and failed to make any comment on the news. Most of the leaders were of the view that such amendments are legislatively weak. The Punjab government has made the amendments in the Nikkah forms after instructions from Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs. Earlier during the year, Peshawar High Court gave a ruling over the issue of adding new amendments into the Nikkah nama.
A circular was issued by the Local Government and Community Development Department and sent to all DCOs in Punjab, describing the Punjab specific amendments. The amendments also make it mandatory for parents/guardians of both bride and bridegroom to sign the Nikkah Nama document as witnesses. Mention of the bride and bridegroom’s date-of-birth has also been declared binding.

Dunya News