The Chairman of National Assembly Standing Committee on Education, Abid Sher Ali, on Friday alleged that Sindh Home Minister Zulfikar Mirza was exerting all sorts of pressures on Dr Javed Leghari – HECChairman – to stop him from verification of the parliamentarians’ degrees, though the Sindh government denies any involvement.

Talking to The News from London on telephone, Abid Sher Ali said certain key postings and transfers had also been made in the Sindh University to secure the fake degree holders from being exposed.

Abid Sher Ali said that all these pressure tactics were being used to save the PPP government in Sindh from a possible collapse.

Abid Sher Ali said he believed if the verification of degrees by the Sindh University was done on merit, it may result into disqualification of dozens of members of the Sindh Assembly – ultimately leading to collapse of the PPP-led coalition govt in Sindh.

PPP has formed a coalition government in Sindh alongwith MQM and ANP.

The Sindh Assembly’s verification of almost 100 degrees has already been rejected by the Higher Education Commission, which seeks from the university to do complete verification of Matric and Intermediate certificates besides the graduation degrees issued by the university.


The Sindh University verification was found faulty and not in line with the procedures adopted by the HEC.

Abid Sher Ali said that he had been told by reliable sources that HEC Chairman Dr Javed Leghari was also being threatened indirectly through his family members to quit the job and stop pursuing the issue of degrees’verification. “The chairman ’s family is getting messages like losing their lands in Sindh, possible difficulties for family members and finding Javed Leghari’s younger brother Farooq Leghari behind the bars for an indefinite period,” the NA Committee on Educationchairman said.

It has been confirmed that Leghari has written a letter to PM Gilani seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the entire issue of fake degrees and the job done by the HEC. In the backdrop of the arrest of his brother in Sindh and continuing threats from Sindh PPP leaders, Leghari has been compelled to seek help of the prime minister, it has emerged.

Threats and political pressure on the HEC Chairman and his own family has mounted to alarming proportions, published reports said.

Meanwhile, Abid Sher Ali said his initiative to take up the issue of parliamentarians’ fake degrees in the NA Standing Committee on Education was fully appreciated by his party chief Mian Nawaz Sharif. “Mian Sahib and the other top leadership of the party, including the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, are completely behind me in this crusade to clean parliament from fraudsters,” he said.

Abid Sher Ali said that he would be back from London next week and resolved to continue pursuing the issue. “This is our responsibility as politicians as well as parliamentarians to do such cleansing, so that politics should get the respect it deserves,” the PML-N MNA said.

After the verification of parliamentarians’ degrees, he said, the Standing Committee would seek in the second and third phases the verification of all the heads and faculty members of private and public educational institutions, civil servants in BS-17 and above, doctors, engineers and even defence officers through the Defence Ministry.