Pakistan recently released export figures of $18.8 billion for 2009/10, against the anticipated and targeted figure of $20 billion for the period ending June 30th. The main constituents for this year’s export growth include fruit and vegetables whose figures grew 100% vis-*-vis last year. Crossing $10 billion, textile and clothing recorded a growth of 7% whereas jewellery surpassed half a billion dollars in export figures. Horticulture exports grew 68% over last year.

According to the latest released data, Asia - inclusive of Russia - accounts for 44 percent of Pakistan’s total exports, Europe accounts for 26 percent whereas United States and Africa account for 21 percent and 6.5 percent respectively.

Pakistan has – in recent times – invariably hit headlines due to social unrest and severe power and gas shortages, resulting in a loss of half a million jobs. The sixth most populous country is grappling with challenges such as soaring inflation, high interest rates, political unrest, violence and dwindling export figures. These hurdles can only be countered and resolved by high production levels. Prolonged power shortages are stagnating economic activity across the nation and frustrating the local business community.