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Thread: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

  1. Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

    Col (R) Muhammad Iqbal Khan Niazi in fresh episode of Point Blank in Express News and talk with Mubashir Luqman.


  2. Re: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

    I am amazed how cleverly you edited and taken out the explanation part by the DG regarding MQM innocence in Hakeem Murder case. Do you think by doing that you can hide the truth? Don't start editing videos, post them as they are aired otherwise this website will be polluted like our politics.


  3. Re: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

    hello dear there is no editing what so ever. may be some parts are missing unintentionally. there is no point to edit as this interview is not exclusively recorded by this web site.

    and thanks for sharing the missing part of the program.

    once again i want to clear that we are not affiliated to any political party. users are the one who clarify the point of view their favorite party.

    thanks for sharing

  4. Re: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

    if talk shows will reveal the truth and decide who is guilty or not than i think govt should close judiciary. no need for azaad adliya..........

  5. Re: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010


    100% agree.........

  6. Re: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

    Azzad Adliya kiss my ass!

    What this Azaad adiliya has done in last 2 years?

  7. Re: Point Blank – 22nd July 2010

    this is the problem our govt need puppet adliya which could not go against their orders. sick with these jamhuri politicians.

    check the target killing in karachi. ANP and MQM both are in govt and both are blaming each other. what the hell is going on there.


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